General Glossary

Some general information regarding the library

General information regarding everything under ShipSaaS Ready

HTTP Response Code

  • OK: 200

  • Created: 201

  • Validation errors: 422

  • Generic errors: 400

Entity Response

  • id will never be exposed to the client's side

  • created_at & updated_at will have this format: Y-m-d H:i:s

  • For index endpoints that use pagination mode, it would return you the pagination info from Laravel, eg per_page, total,...

Translation Language

ShipSaaS Ready is using the app()->getLocale() and then returning you the translated text.

Remember to do the app()->setLocale(xx) when changing the language.

Why Migrations over Seeders for data?

We treat every data update as Migration because:

  • Easier. For seeders, we would add a lot of ifs just not to insert the duplicated data.

  • It will be run once when you hit the php artisan migrate

  • There will be some possibility that we would introduce more migrations to fix some data. We won't use seeders to fix data.

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