ShipSaaS - Ready

Inject completely generic stuff (Countries, Currencies,...) to build your next freaking SaaS products


Starting to build a new freaking SaaS product and deliver great features?

Allow ShipSaaS Ready to become your companion along the way! A strong, helpful and reliable companion.

It got you covered with almost every generic thing, let's build awesome products on top of it.

This site contains all the documentation of ShipSaaS Ready!

Ready? FIGHT!


  • PHP 8.1+

  • Laravel 9.x+

Available Entities

  • Country (with DB's data, enum & endpoints)

  • Currency (with DB's data, enum & endpoints)

  • Language (with DB's data, enum & endpoints)

  • Translation (with endpoints)

  • Events (with endpoints)

  • (more to come)

Available Services / Helpers

  • Event Sourcing

  • Dynamic Translations

  • Money class

  • (more to come)

Available Traits

  • UUID for Eloquent Models

  • IDE-friendly Query Builder doc for Eloquent Models

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